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Edgewater Construction Services has over 50 years of combined contract administration, engineering and construction experience. Our standards are high with an emphasis on integrity, safety, quality, and hitting our milestones. When we decided to stop leasing in favor of purchasing a new working space, we went looking for the most cost effective long term solution. Thanks to 504 Capital, we now own a new 12,280 SF facility to help with our continued growth, knowing that a portion of our occupancy costs are fixed for 20 years. We are pleased with 504 and our new facility, and would recommend their financing and equity services to any business looking to expand their capabilities with renovations, the purchase of new property, or updated equipment.

James Collins & Richard Marano, owners

Edgewater Construction
With over 40 years of experience in the HVAC and plumbing industry, the Smith family knows that extraordinary service is the bedrock of any company. We needed a new facility to house and train our 70+ employees, along with the latest heating, cooling and plumbing equipment—and we’re still growing. 504 Capital Corporation provided us with the financial lending we needed to purchase our new 16,800 SF facility in Greenbrier of Chesapeake, VA. I expected it to be a difficult process but working with the experienced team at 504 made it incredibly easy! Thank you 504!

Buddy Smith, President

Russell’s Heating Cooling Plumbing & Electric
As retired Naval Officers, we the founders of Aviation Management Analytical Consultants provide a variety of services to assist many government and commercial organizations including the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Army. In order to facilitate continued growth and take advantage of a favorable 20-year fixed interest rate, we partnered with 504 Capital Corporation, the small business lending specialists. Now we are the proud owners of our own 2,825 SF facility, and we can’t wait to see what new opportunities it opens up for the future of AVMAC, LLC.

Roberto Ortiz, Donald Buzard, and Ronald Stebbins, Owners

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