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Is It Wise to Pay Off a Business Loan Early? | 504 Capital Corporation
Is It Wise to Pay Off a Business Loan Early?

Is It Wise to Pay Off a Business Loan Early?

Should You Pay Off  Business Loan Early?

Although you may be eager to pay off your business’ debt as quickly as you can, it might not be in your fiscal best interests to do so.

Yes, you read that correctly. Paying off a business loan early may not be the wisest move you can make even if you have the cash on hand to pull it off.

The Costs of Paying Off a Loan Faster Than Originally Agreed Upon

Even if it’s zero, every loan has an interest rate, and that’s what compels many entrepreneurs to pay off loans as quickly as possible. The logic is this – when you pay off a loan fast, you get to save the interest you would have paid your lender. While that logic is sound in some cases, it’s not in others. Some loans will require you to pay the full amount of interest you would have paid if you’d taken the entire loan term to pay off your debt, for example.

Other loans may force you to pay a prepayment fee for paying off your debt earlier than expected. This type of fee is usually expressed as a percentage of your outstanding loan balance. If the fee is one percent and your loan balance is $100,000, your prepayment fee would equal $1,000.

Paying off a business loan early can hit you in the pocket in another way, too. And that way involves your federal tax liability. The interest you pay on a business loan is fully deductible on your organization’s federal tax return. By paying your loan off early, you lose this deduction, and, even worse, you may find that your company will end up in a higher tax bracket as a result.

How to Decide What’s Best & How long to Pay Back Small Business Loan

Despite the potential costs associated with paying off a loan early, there are some benefits to consider. Being debt-free can make it easier to secure financing in the future, for starters. It can also improve your organization’s credit score and free up some much-needed cash you can reinvest in your business.

The key to deciding what’s best for your business is to do the math. Figure out how much you could save on interest if you settled early and then subtract any fees that might be assessed. If the result is positive, you may want to pay off your loan whereas you might want to hold off if it’s negative.

Being SBA lenders in Virginia, we’ll be happy to help you determine if paying off a loan early is in your business’s best interests. Our experience with being an accredited lender serving businesses in multiple states for nearly 40 years enables us to assist business owners and managers with their financial decisions.

We’re also uniquely qualified to help entrepreneurs secure SBA financing. Right now, we have the honor to offer loans with the all-time lowest SBA interest rate, and we don’t anticipate that rate will change in the near future.

The loan packages we’re currently putting together typically have an interest rate below three percent for 25-year fixed-rate deals. That’s an incredibly low-interest rate that makes borrowing money – and having an outstanding loan balance – wildly affordable for small businesses across industries. To learn more, contact 504 Capital Corporation on (757)623-2691 today!

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