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504 Capital Corporation financing is provided in tandem with bank financing and equity, invested by the borrower, so the burden is not all on you as a small business owner.

A project financed by 504 Capital has three sources of funding:

  • 504 Capital Corporation: 40% of total project cost
    (with 504 holding a second mortgage position)
  • Commercial Lender: 50% of total project cost
    (with lender holding the first mortgage position)
  • Small Business Borrower: 10% of total project cost
    (an equity investment)

504 Capital’s loans can have a term of 25 years, 20 years, or 10 years. Regardless of which term is right for you, you’ll receive a low competitive fixed rate.



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504 Capital Corporation is a nonprofit organization helping small business in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina obtain the financing they need through SBA 504 Lending program.

We provide small business owners with market rate financing at a minimum down payment, aiding in the purchase of crucial fixed assets such as real estate, property, and machinery.

Our financing services may enable you to do the following:

Purchase land with SBA 504 Loan
Purchase land or property
Purchase equipment or machinery with SBA 504 Loan
Purchase equipment or machinery
Build or renovate facilities with SBA 504 Loan
Build or renovate facilities

Key advantages


504 Capital cares about our clients and our goal is always to elevate you to the next level, helping your small business succeed. Our financing has enabled our clients to achieve great things, including the purchase of commercial real estate and heavy equipment, with a down payment as low as 10%. We’ll cover 40% on a typical lending transaction, and the remaining 50% comes from the lender.

As the small business owner, you receive tax benefits and appreciation on the real estate, as well as locking in the occupancy costs for the long term, with financing tailored to your unique needs.

Low Down Payment with SBA 504 Lending
Low Down Payment & Enhanced Cash Flow
10% down payment is all it takes to get started. With financing available for up to 90% of the total project cost, conserve your working capital and retain liquidity to meet operational needs. 504 Capital makes it easy.
Long Term Financing with SBA 504
Long Term Financing at Competitive Rates
Pay for your facilities over the long term with low monthly payments. 504 Capital Corporation real estate financing can be fully amortized over 20 years, and equipment financing can be fully amortized over 10 years.
Custom Ownership Options SBA 504
Custom Ownership Options for Small Business Owners
Maximize tax benefits of ownership and minimize liability, when you set up a holding company for the real estate, or simply purchase and hold the title to a building personally in the name of the business. Additionally, two or more businesses are eligible for a 504 Capital loan if they combine to form a real estate holding company. This option works especially well for professionals in the medical, veterinary, legal, and accounting fields.
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